Mobile Photography Competition 2021

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Top 5 Winners

About the competition

This competition is solely organized by IIMAT COLLEGE. We are giving away a total of RM 20,000 Scholarship to Top 5 winner who aim to further study after graduated from secondary school.

The College aims is to make education available to all students by being flexible in course delivery and affordable in terms of fees. Therefore the prize that you win in this competition will be scholarship which will helps you to reduce your financial burden.

Theme: Unforgetable Moment during MCO period

Description: The photo must be able to express the feeling of the unforgetable moment during the MCO period of the participant. It can be any activity such as attending class at home, cooking, playing with pet, exam preparation, birthday or festive celebration, funeral and etc.

Who can participate
1. Malaysian Only
2. Fresh SPM/STPM Leaver who took the exam on Feb 2021.

About the Photo:
1. Size = maximum 1MB (1 photo)
2. Description of the photo (not more than 100 words)
3. Edited photo(s) is not allowed
4. 3rd party photo(s) is not allowed.

Submission Deadline: 11 April 2021

Submission Criteria:

  1. Participant must complete the registration form before submit the photo(s).
  2. All photo submission have to email to
  3. The photo size must not be more than 1MB.
  4. One participant only allowed to submit maximum up to 2 photos.
  5. The photo(s) must be taken during the MCO period (since 18 Mar 2020 until now).
  6. The photo(s) must content the activity did by the participant.
  7. The photo(s) must taken by mobile / handphone.
  8. Edited photo(s) is not allowed.
  9. 3rd party photo(s) is not allowed.
  10. The participant must write the photo(s) description with not more than 100 words.
  11. The participant must download the photo description card to fill in the information and submit together with the photo. (1 photo = 1 description card) by email
  12. Any incomplete information of the photo, the participant will be disqualified without given notice.
  13. A copy of SPM Exam slip must be submitted together with the photo(s) by email.

Marking Scheme:
1. Professional Judge = 60%
2. Like & Share = 40%

Registration Form:
Online Registration Form


1. Gold Award = RM8,500 IIMAT scholarship + 20% discount of short programme class + e-certificate
2. Silver Award = RM5,500 IIMAT scholarship + 20% discount of short programme class + e-certificate
3. Bronze Award = RM 3,000 IIMAT scholarship + 20% discount of short programme class + e-certificate
4. Consolation Award = RM 1,500 IIMAT scholarship + 20% discount of short programme class  + e-certificate (x2)

Susan | 017-6868252; Syahmi | 017-6869342

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