IIMAT College has collaboration with Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (FJUTCM) and approved by the MQA, Malaysia. The bachelor’s degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognized by both governments of Malaysia and FJUTCM is one of the forefront universities in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China with advance research facilities and received numerous awards for its outstanding scientific achievements. We firmly believe that both in the coursework and the internship in China will greatly enhanced TCM in Malaysia academically. FJUTCM was founded in 1958 and graced by the visitation of President Xi JinPing about 20 years ago. FJUTCM successively received 659 awards for the scientific achievements, 12 of which are national awards. Since 2011, the university further promoted scientific innovation, increased investment on research, and undertook 2870 research projects, among which 206 are national ones, 570 are provincial ones, and received 47 national and provincial awards. In particular, the university has made great breakthroughs in national research projects, such as projects supported by National Key Technology R & D Program, projects supported by National Basic Research Program (973 Program), programs of National Natural Science Foundation and projects supported by the Joint Funds of Cross-Straits Scientific Cooperation.

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