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Foundation In Science

(MQA/FA 4937)

IIMAT Foundation in Science is a fully accredited MQA programme for those who want to enter into a Science related Degrees.  The main subjects are Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.    As it is fully accredited, students will have strong acceptance to gain direct entry into any degree programmes in Malaysia and internationally.   It equips students with strong fundamental knowledge and skills to pursue their studies in the areas of engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences and etc.  IIMAT Foundation in Science graduates will gain direct entry to the medical faculty of Lincoln University College upon achieving the entry requirements.


  • Full accreditation by MQA (MQA/FA 4937 N  /010/3/0338   DK116 (W)
  • Eligible entry to all Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia (IPTA & IPTS)

February, June and November

Entry Requirement :

  • SPM/SPMV with at least grade B in 5 subjects of Bahasa Malaysia & English/other equivalent qualifications;
  • O-Level with at least Grade C in 5 subjects of Mathematics/  Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & one other subject as well as credit in Bahasa Malaysia & English/other equivalent qualifications; 
  • UEC with at least Grade B4 in 3 subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics /Additional Mathematics other equivalent qualification;
  • Other equivalent qualifications recognized by the MQF.

Financial Aid :

  1. IIMAT Scholarship / Bursary
  2. Other Scholarships & Loans

Course Duration :
1 Year

Apply Now:

MAJOR subject

  • General Studies
  • English 1
  • Mathematics 1
  • Biology 1
  • Chemistry 1
  • Physics 1
  • English 2
  • Mathematics 2
  • Biology 2
  • Chemistry 2
  • Physics 2
  • Information, Communication & Technology
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Biology 3
  • Chemistry 3
  • Physics 3
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