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Diploma in Marine Industrial Technology

(MQA/FA 2075)

Marine Industrial Technology is the forefront of humanity’s progress as it addresses many international challenges: transportation, food resources and energy production.  IIMAT’s Diploma in Marine Industrial Technology is a 2.5-year programme which enables students to understand the major technical and theoretical aspects of ship and port operations.  The Diploma in Marine Industrial Technology program is aimed to equip the students with the knowledge and information of the concepts and practices used in the Marine industry.  This course will equip you with the technical skills and hands on experience which employers demand.   This course also provides highly competent personnel for the global marine employment market.  The students also will be exposing to the real-life situation in the marine industry through practical training at the end of the semester.  Learn practical skills such as sailing, QA/QC inspections, ship maintenance which is complimented by theoretical knowledge like Ship/Project Planning and Marine Technology Systems.   IIMAT have state of the art technology like ship simulators which simulates a ship’s operation and possible challenges whilst sailing.  Sail the high seas through IIMAT’s Diploma in Marine Industrial Technology.

Diploma in Marine Industrial Technology program in IIMAT is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).  For further development in experiential education, IIMAT also collaborate with the trainers which include the Basic Training (BT), Basic Training Oil Chemical Tanker (BTOCT), Security Awareness (SA) and Designated Security Duties (DSD) certification approved by the Marine Department of Malaysia on behalf of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and United Nations (UN) as additional option for students.


  • Full accreditation by MQA (MQA/FA 2075)
  • Eligible entry to all Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia (IPTA & IPTS)
Course Duration :
2 Years 5 Months (7 semesters)

Entry Requirement:

  • SPM/SPMV equivalent with at least a credit in 3 subjects including Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, 1 science/technical/vocational subject and 3 other subjects; & at least pass in English;  
  • Certificate (Level 3, KKM) certified Engineering/Technology Engineering/related from Higher Education Institution certified by Malaysia Government with minimum CGPA 2.00;  
  • Vocational & Technical Skills Certificate (Level 3, KKM) in the relevant field with CGPA 2.0 & obtained at least 1 credit a SPM level with 1 year experience in the relevant field/at least 1 semester bridging programme.
  • APEL ‘A’ – above 20 years old;
  • Certificate (Level 3 MQF) in relevant field at least CGPA 2.0 ;
  • UEC with at least B grade in three (3) subjects including Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, 1 science/technical/vocational subject & 3 other subjects; and at least pass in English;
  • O-Level with at least Grade C in three (3) subjects including Mathematics, 1 science/technical/vocational subject & at least pass in English  ;
  • SKM (Level 3 MQF) in relevant field & SPM with at least 1 credit in Mathematics;
  • Other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian government.

Financial Aid :

  1. PTPTN
  2. IIMAT Scholarship / Bursary
  3. Other Scholarships & Loans

Career Opportunity :

  1. Marine Crew,
  2. Assistant Port & Harbor Officer
  3. Technician
  4. Employment in Oil & Gas Industries.

MAJOR subject

  • Mathematics 1
  • Seamanship and Ship Technology
  • Naval Architecture
  • Marine Technology System
  • Electrical Technology
  • Mechanics
  • Structural Design
  • Health and Safety
  • Marine Navigation
  • Mathematics 2
  • Industrial Automation
  • Integrated Logistic Support
  • Estimating
  • Maritime Law and SOLAS
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Integrated Transportation System
  • Oceanography
  • Ship Maintenance System
  • Power System
  • Maritime Communication
  • Industrial Training

MINOR subject

  • Principle of Management
  • Operation Management
  • Management Information System
  • Computer Studies
  • Proficiency English
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Building Material

MPU subject

  • Pengajian Malaysia
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Community Service and Co-Curriculum
  • Critical Thinking for Better  Communication 
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