Diploma in Hotel Management

MQA / A 9610 | KPT (R2 / 811 /4 /0296) | DK 116 (W)

IIMAT’s diploma in hotel management is a fully accredited programme equips students with the ability to deliver five-star service in esteemed hotels and gastronomic restaurants.  Our experienced and knowledgeable educators will guide you through the study of housekeeping, front office work, F&B and also strategic management protocols.  Take a first step towards developing a fulfilling career in the hotel industry through this course.  We provide the opportunity to intern in countries such as Singapore.  Meet inspiring individuals and indulge in the cultures the world can provide.           

The course provides students with the essential knowledge and competencies required in hotels.  The students will gain an in-depth knowledge about specific management issues relevant to this industry. For example, restaurant management in the hospitality industry and hotel planning.  This will provide the students the entry to supervisory level in the hospitality industry.

Our internships will be at prestigious hotels in Malaysia.  Options are available to student interning in Australia and Singapore.      


  • Full accreditation by MQA
    MQA / A 9610  |  KPT (R2 / 811 / 4 / 0296) | DK 116 (W)
  • Eligible entry to all Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia (IPTA & IPTS)

Entry Requirement :

  • SPM/SPMV with at least a credit in 3 subjects;
  • APEL ‘A’ – above 20 years old;
  • Certificate (Level 3 MQF) in relevant field at least CGPA 2.0;
  • UEC with at least B grade in 3 subjects;
  • O-Level with at least C grade in 3 subjects;
  • SKM (Level 3 MQF) in related field & pass in SPM with a minimum of 1 credit in any subject;
  • STPM/equivalent with at least a C grade (CGPA 2.00) in 1 subject;
  • STAM (Maqbul rank);
  • Other equivalent qualifications recognized by the MQF.

Financial Aid :

  1. PTPTN
  2. IIMAT Scholarship / Bursary
  3. Other Scholarships & Loans

Course Duration :
2 Years 6 Months (7 semesters)

Career Opportunity :
Hotel Supervisor / Manager, General Manager, Health and Fitness Supervisor, Human Resource Manager, Service Manager, Convention Coordinator, Event Management Executive

Apply Now:

MAJOR subject

  • Introduction to Hospitality Industry
  • Food Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Theory of Food
  • English for Hospitality
  • Food Production
  • Basic Culinary Skills
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • Accomodation Operation and Services
  • F&B Service I
  • F&B Service Skills
  • Conventions and Event Management
  • Hospitality Training & Development
  • Hospitality Law
  • F&B Service II
  • Community Service & Co-Curiculum
  • Hospitality Management Information System
  • Housekeeping Operations
  • Restaurant Operation and Management
  • Front Office Operations
  • Hospitality Industry Internship

MINOR subject

  • Fundamental of Management
  • Principle of Accounting
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Japanese Language
  • Catering System Management
  • Introduction to Information Technology

MPU subject

  • Malaysian Studies
  • Critical Thinking for Better Communication
  • Personal Financing Planning
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A
Diploma in Hotel Management
Diploma in Hotel Management
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